Brand Nu Me!


It is clear to mention that Allah is the Most Merciful and too Omnipotent until me myself is ignorant enough to tell you how much love would He give, and how much He has given us, more precisely, to me.

The lesson was damn huge until I came to realize things that I’ve never thought before.

Then He sent me number of persons to motivate me,
Allah trigerred me:

To bring back my spirits once I’ve lost it.

To tell me what I’m really into at the moment,

To make me strive hard for what I really need in temporary living,

To remind me with something I’ve forgotten,

To wake me up when I was unconscious,

To torch me light when I was in fog,

To visualize me clear scene when it was blurred,

To help me becoming stronger than whom I am,

To make me ponder about things I’ve never used to ponder about,

To make me happier than what I felt before,

To make me always remember Him,

To deepen my feelings, the hottest feelings towards The Prophet sallalllahu alaihi wasallam,

To guide me so I won’t astray,

To make me wonder how it would be if there was no Him around,

To make me always see things from a different angle of a square box for instance,

To inculcate the feelings of grateful and delightful for everything He has done to me,

Then He gave me cheers.

Pretty cool isn’t it? When we started to realize all such things, and really satisfied for this revolution within heart, mind, reason and soul.

For me it was such a meaningful story and me really grateful to Allah for His kindness and blessings since always.

Perhaps, we were wrong once, but who we were in the past is not a matter. The matter is who we are now, and in the future undertakings.

And those will make a better me. I know that I am truly blessed.

What is important is just open up your heart and try to see things from different view; the best is to see things from positive reason. This is what we call as hikmah.

You yourself have to change. Even there are hundreds or thousands of people around encourage for brand new you, it would be very useless if you did not even try to get up and carry on. Just leave those unnecessary things behind and move on, and then you’ll see He will always by your side.

Commercial break, example from many examples which delights me:

Kak Ji texted me,

“Dear, thank you. Juz now in the car Kimi said ‘mommy, Kimi love ustazah so much’, wow, u really won his heart, and in fact it is hard for him to say so except to mommy n daddy. Take care!”

I’m touched. Nothing much I did. It soothes me enough to hear that from a pretty cute little five years old boy. It was small, but huge for someone who was really in disaster condition (during that time). Oh Kimi, I’m shining like a candle in the dark, when you tell me that you love me..Then he included me in his drawing, him, his daddy, his mommy and me, we were 'orang lidi' standing side by side. How sweet.

See.. hanya sedikit yang diperlukan untuk kembalikan my smile.

Last saying from my ustaz,

“Shakirah, I know you are very strong. Takkan la Allah nak tinggalkan orang seperti kamu, ikut salaf, yang ikut Quran and Sunnah. This is a big immune for you. After this I believe you would become stronger than you are now. A matured woman, no longer budak-budak. You’ve grown. I guarantee He has planned something gorgeous for you. Trust me”

Last but not least, if you have unshakeable belief in Allah, He will help you, ensya Allah..

Brand new me!

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